"After hearing you speak at the Circle of Change Leadership Conference in November 2016, I felt so empowered and motivated in reaching my goals. I absolutely agree with you when you kept emphasizing the importance of 'securing your true self'. Your life lessons and stories definitely inspire me to be true to myself, and to believe in integrity. You are truly one of the most inspiring people I have ever met."

Lee "Michelle" Saarinas, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (2017)

"Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and values today at UCLA career jumpstart; your stories truly inspired me. This may sound cliche, but you are the kind of woman I want to become. I am just a freshman now and not too sure what kind of career I want to pursue yet, but today you gave me an essential principle of life, that is always be honest to myself and never stop improving."

Renee Hsu, University of California, Los Angeles (2020)


"Thank you so much for being a panel member for Circle of Change. I very much appreciate you for taking the time and sharing your stand on securing who you are and the value of defining your own success. You had a tremendous impact on me. Thank you."

Christopher Lu, Oregon State University (2018)


"I arrived to the event late, but after being able to participate in just the last 30 minutes of your roundtable talk, I am beyond upset that I missed the first part. From what I learned about you from listening to you and from now following you on Instagram and Linked In I have to tell you how much I appreciate your direct nature. I strive to strengthen in many of the areas you clearly excel in and I am drawn to the confidence and passion you exude when you speak of your business. It is beyond inspiring to see another African-American person rise in the way you are, my sincere blessings and well wishes."

Jonathan Kidd, University of California, Los Angeles (2020)


"As an educator, it is our ultimate goal to create meaningful and engaging services for students, so they can be equipped to succeed both in and outside of the classroom.  A true trailblazer and professional, Ms. Reed shares her invaluable insight on topics like entrepreneurship, diversity and inclusion, and how to overcome life's challenges to strive for greatness. She has spoken at multiple programs across Los Angeles, including Verbum Dei High School and UCLA''s Career Center and consistently delivers quality, meaningful, and relevant talks to students of all ages. If lines of students waiting to meet Ms. Reed after an event is not enough evidence about her ability to motivate, just know that Ms. Reed's ultimate goal is to empower younger generations to pursue a path that is driven by purpose."

Erin Haywood, University of California, Los Angeles Career Center

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